Boot Diks

by Adam Selene



I made this entire song start to finish in less than ten hours because I needed to make a song.

The instrumental is made with a Kaossilator Pro & MPX-8 recorded in logic with software cuts and FabFilter plugins.

The lyrics were made with disdain for oppressive standards of normalcy and how they contribute to continued marginalization.

The song can be pronounced "boot disk" or "boot dicks" I'm flexible.


with the light about as pale as it can be, the devils couple up
in a time where panic rooms and infantries refuse to gather dust
and the idle hands are cut and mounted to display their scarlet hue
it’s no coincidence the carbon footprints are the shape of boots

and nobody found it cute the way you’d advocate for evil
something something sheeple, right? MAN was already made equal
when the paper test is passable and proper grunts are made
with the whitest fragile masculinity on full display UH!

so come on out and play, once admission price is paid in full
just be the standard shape and we’ve got a world that’s made for you
all catered to the property and labor owners’ needs
though you’re free to live and die for all pre-approved beliefs

but nobody found the need for your opinions on existence
of the ones that had enough of unsolicited prescriptions
with a laser line precision, we’ve defined our own reflections
and have now arrived to wipe the slates clean of your impression


released April 28, 2017
All music, lyrics, performance, and scratches by Adam Selene
Final mix by Humjunkie




Adam Selene Denver, Colorado

Adam Selene is a Baltimore born, Denver based rapper of raps that raps at rap time.


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