by Adam Selene



A song I wrote about surviving capitalism for the Session Uncut cypher in Denver, later fleshed out over a beautiful Robo Rob beat. I also rocked a few modest software cuts and the Kaossilator solos.


should I?

should I require any sort of introduction
my name's whatever it needs to be for you to buy something
check the clever rhyme structure and complimicated phrasing
of the half human half tired cliche half amazing

arms steady raised in the day’s celebration
of my mastery of confidence as a second language
it goes fuck you, play me. I buck dudes daily
whether for pay or pro bono misandry, baby

I am less of a shooting star, more of a stabbing rock mound
with the skin of an armored car, the humid heart of a dark cloud
footsteps of the buffalo, flash a smile of vipers
in the center of my forehead is the eye of seven tigers

something kinda like some sorta cybernetic hybrid
neither man nor island, with a history of mileage
a mix between Miley Cyrus and King Kong
with beard and personality both fluffy and strong

so just BUY MY SONG

I got my skill points meticulously applied
knowing damn well we can’t just live for being alive

so try to BUY MY SONG

and every dime will go to work, be sure it’s worth it
rock the proper productivity to prove that I deserve this?

you’re wrong

and you're wrong if you don't think that I am here to crack pavement
with a fist each for your pillow talk and blanket statements
a long sleep in the making with no kiss goodnight included
uprooted from the practice of confusing conversation with movement

you’re deluded in your irresponsible lack of fear in monsters
while the Doppler reads the hail has come to double jump your progress
on the wings of freaking goblins. And only we can stop them, honest
and will eternally be grateful for your sustained support, I promise

team Cap, just to clarify. hearts hit when the arrows fly
more Cupid than Queen but I ain't scared of the sharper sides
eye on the prize? no. more like I, on the chopping block
am tired of compromise in the confines of a lifeline cropped

hop in the damn bandwagon now while the price is low
and receive, for a limited time, supplies to aid the overthrow
a set of crimson crayolas for when the blood needs to be drawn
and I know that we can count on you to contribute to the cause


the fucking demons are at the gate and we promise
that we’re freeing rhyme and reason or perishing in the conflict


break off a piece of your allowance for me to borrow
and I promise that I’ll rail against capitalism tomorrow.


released March 11, 2017
Lyrics, vocals, software cuts, and synth solo by Adam Selene
All other music by RoboRob
Final mix and mastering by Humjunkie




Adam Selene Denver, Colorado

Adam Selene is a Baltimore born, Denver based rapper of raps that raps at rap time.


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