Fine Lines ft. Dug & Happy Tooth

by Adam Selene



Dirty little banger about depression, anxiety, and surviving it in public out of spite featuring Columbus Ohio's Dug & Happy Tooth of Dug & Happy Tooth and Happy Tooth and Dug fame.


[Adam Selene]

it’s the return of unlicensed sad titan
prize fight shadow box cutter by night
then daylight, chained to the brainwave’s dips
and the bumps? same thing when the mind state flips

if you don’t mind my fists were made for shaking
as things may seem, I’m slowly fading
the bad dream team in the halls with blankies
requiring more hugs when the going gets cranky

the reason I’m here is to shriek at cloud cover
from underground to the rooftop, one bound
dusting the floorboard scrap up from off my shoulders
a goal miner glittering the walls twice over

we go through phases like vibrato
from full of bullshit to blank and hollow
calling all star fighters slash wrong righters whom
only crawl out of bed to step to phone booths

[Happy Tooth]

everything is perfect now
take the world and burn it down
we're those rappers you heard of
got burnt tongues from the word of mouth

had a job, got terminated
said I should impersonate them
the subtle shaping of a person's fate
is worse than hatred

I wish I had a message
but I just have a death wish
everything is fine now
it almost matches heaven

whether my brain hemorrhages
or they escort me off the premises.
the final line is time is time
and everything finishes.


everyone be cool, we can defeat laws
won’t stop, can’t, till it’s raining meatballs
put me on the tree frog side of the seesaw
middle of the crowd making the sign of the beachball

dealt another crushing blow
focusing on puppies though
face is melting, help me tell
myself it’s just a runny nose

yo, Janis Joplin in the walkman panic often gotta do it
probably all the progress is a lot of movement not congruent

type of guy to firefly collect instead of lantern buy
I don't reflect the light and yet they all just call me camera shy
dashing back to square one pass it by a fair sum till I can find a finish line I can really get behind


everything is fine, right?
except when everything reminds me feeling fine is finite


I wanna see the world through virgin eyes.
not full of ads for merchandise.
diversify and fertilize.
try to murder time, and blur lines with lies.


I mean, I kinda tried that but thanks for contributing
the pain in my chest is the point that you’re missing
it’s annoying at best trying sort through the stress
on an eye to eye quest, though despite your conditioning


thought I saw the light but I got too close for comfort
didn't learn a thing and now my wings are all sunburnt
you can find me somewhere in between these characters
I must have built up higher than I did all the barriers


climbing up something tall
cause we love to fall
don't wanna be another stereotype, scared to carry a mic,
buried alive, wearing a tie, barely defined, swearing I'm fine.


but why god why is the devil still alive, though?
and time flies less than it glides on the way down
clock wise, street’s smart enough to rise seldom
the cell doors held where the pipeline lets out


I forget my lines but I was on some anti-something
party like it's Nineteen minutes till the big destruction
running out of metaphors for things I'd rather not discuss
if I had things to say you know I probably wouldn't talk this much


my breath is the last of my weaponry left
I expect that the next one I draw will be swept
across feet of the last seen adept of my enemies
let me this gasp, as my last will and testament
yes, I am fearful and yes, I am stressed
yes, I've been crossed  and stakes in their breasts
were as high as you'd find my fists ever stretched
do not discount my breath, it's my last weapon left


everything is fine, right?
except when everything reminds me feeling fine is finite


released May 26, 2017
Written, produced, and performed by Adam Selene
Additional lyrics and vocals by Dug & Happy Tooth
Final mix and master by Humjunkie




Adam Selene Denver, Colorado

Adam Selene is a Baltimore born, Denver based rapper of raps that raps at rap time.


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