High Tails

by Adam Selene



it was as bad it gets, just until it got worse
so we charged the credit cards until the wall warts burst
what are those heartbeats worth?
a precious exchanged commodity
or a reason to resist an existence as property
or something in between, sprinting backwards down a dream
scapegoat legged satyr, with a set of jagged teeth
I breathe within my means, and sleep between the lines
where the melting pot was reforged into a branding iron
I’m a far cry from natural myself at times it seems
though the beast that caught scent of me’s a full bodied machine
an exact copy of me, plus a weaponized anger
a dagger shaped path mapped to the heart of the matter of
FACT! didn’t you know that nature didn’t arm bears
with shoulder mounted rocket launchers just to show that god cares.
time only spares reverence for zeros and ones
the past is irrelevant, the future is imaginary RUN!

you'd better run for your life
you'd better run

it was a flick of the wrist that set the black against the sky
when the world dropped dead within the blink of an eye
I captain obvious, like "Something's wrong here!"
exit wound in the belly, counterpart in the rear
ain't got a thing to fear except fear itself personified
comprised entirely of legs, teeth, and beady little eyes
action lines included, better draw a matching set quick
a lot of damn mandibles have nearly closed the distance
when the elephant in the room starts knocking down walls
it's only a matter of time before the house of cards falls
and it snowballs to an avalanche with butterfly wings
as the caged rats splatter when those high notes ring (bang!)
and now my lungs sting, and my knees begin to crumble
and the leader of the pack then makes a snack out of my stumble
now the back of your neck is on the tip of its tongue
dude, the past is irrelevant, the future is imaginary RUN!

you'd better run for your life
you'd better run

from fifty foot bullet proof spiders
the 4th 5th and 6th reich redesigned by Geiger
from predator drones, and bigger boards with bigger nails
from democrats, republicans, and jagged edged paper trails
from the shadows that escaped from the closet
the dragons in the mountains and the time traveling monsters
from supercharged zombies and mithril armored kaiju
and mutant alligators that are growing inside you


released September 10, 2014
Written, produced, recorded, and performed by Adam Selene.
Vocals recorded at Studio SLAMO! in Severn, MD.
Mastered by Brandon Lackey at the Lineup Room in Baltimore, MD.




Adam Selene Denver, Colorado

Adam Selene is a Baltimore born, Denver based rapper of raps that raps at rap time.


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