History of Silence (Ill Clinton Remix)

by Adam Selene



Remix of my song off of the B.L.A.C.K.T.O.K.Y.O. LP by Philly producer Ill Clinton.

The original jam can be found at black-tokyo.bandcamp.com/album/b-l-a-c-k-t-o-k-y-o-lp


silence, something about silence makes me sick
cause silence can be violence, kinda like the slit wrist

tonight the nazis and the friedmanites, marxists and suburbanites
collude with lions, tigers, and bears to prepare everyone else for sacrifice
later at eleven, the worship of Mammon leaves the trading of passions
for professions at a rate that leaves the masses breathless
citizens are meant to be seen and only heard during photo ops
as the revolution's reduced to a pile flyers at coffee shops
mute buttons for education in respect of aurum plated ages
textbooks of jello spines and a ream of blank pages

it's a history of silence

so staple my eyelids to the cathode rays
intravenous corn syrup for my inner conformist who loves the way hydrogenated dreams taste
i can't believe it's not god, electric lights leave me baptized
but the american dream itself has made in china stamped on the backside
i skitter off the spotlight with a pocket full of bomb threats
where the money trails trace the stagger stagger crawl of crooked mollusks
shadow of colossus
where the radio towers of babbling idiots would mock
the sky itself to pocket profits
just another standard lesson in trickle down economics
but the colander missed a couple of anvils in the process
all so we trade the denizens of stolen lands
only to hang their children from the branches of soiled governments
plug in the little ones at the second that their development's
susceptible to the control of the matrix's environment
in some sort of perverted reverse asimov scheme
like man shall not bring any harm to the machine

it's a history of silence

when such a small percentage of felines sport shrouded belts
fuck a coffin lid i'll pound that stripped screw into the ground myself
like oh, what a mismanaged breath we breathe
when the collectively unconscious auto-asphyxiate to sleep
like every television set could be mrs cleaver herself
and then the murder of ambition leaves out counting the cards we're dealt
i'm pelting every closed eye passer by with a do or die
monologue to remind them it was human beings who torched the sky
oh, buy me a river, shipping and handling not applicable
when the levees broke the sweat that cracked the spine of the ward's inhabitants
a paddle down piss poor living conditions should warrant a pivot
but the only warrant offered is typically reserved for dissidence
a bitch that bites the hand that offers it logical guidance
when on the left we see a subsidization of subsidence
and on the right the profit motive trumps the individual rights
there's just no room for debate within a history of silence


released February 28, 2013
Words written, memorized, yelled, and recorded by Adam Selene.
Beats beaten and rebeaten by Ill Clinton.
Artwork by Jonathan Thompson.



all rights reserved


Adam Selene Denver, Colorado

Adam Selene is a Baltimore born, Denver based rapper of raps that raps at rap time.


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